Occupation-Based Hand Therapy!

Putting the Occupational Performance Back into Hand Therapy

* I just want to warn you that this site is still under construction and being added to all the time!  I apologize for this but I just graduated and am trying to find my niche in the working world :)  I'll do my best to keep up with this site and expand/change it as time goes on!  Until then - I hope what's already here gives you room for thought!

As a recently graduated [Dec. 2008!] OTD in the field of occupational therapy, I am constantly being reminded that it is very beneficial for healing to occur in a client-centered, holistic manner.  After just completing my apprenticeship in an outpatient hand therapy setting, I have come to appreciate just how difficult this may be.  I am sure countless hand therapists and OTs who practice hand therapy might glance at the title of this site and think, "Yeah right!  Like we have time for this between the demands of our caseload and our paperwork!" but if it moves just one therapist to try something "out-of-the-box" with a patient that may not be responding, either physiologically or psychologically to treatment, then it has done its job! 
This website is a medley of ideals I learned in school and things I've discovered while on my clinicals.  The plan is for it to evolve as I do :).